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Bulliant is a new minimalistic wallet that is slimmed down on size and having a variety of pockets and features to make your digital life more manageable. It comes in black and brown, perfect for on the go. My goal is to make digital life more manageable and easy, so if you're looking for a wallet that does just that, look no further!


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This is a great wallet that is alsolein and perfect for those who want a slim and easy to use. This wallet has a carbon fiber design that is very sturdy and great for that extra bit of size. It also comes with a money clip and a rfid blocking block. This wallet is also available with or without the box price.
the bulliant wallet is a sleek and minimalistic wallet that comes with a money clip and a front pocket. It is available in both a front pocket and a front hand-pinched pocket, and it feels slim and easy to carry. The front pocket has a hidden contact file and a smallented pocket for containing your coins. The bulliant wallet is also lightweight and comfortable to wear.
this is a new damaged box of a bulliant wallets. It is a great opportunity to get a new, unused wallet for a good price.

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